Society and Daily Life

Measuring Worth

Association for Historical Fencing

Regency Colours

Historic Food

Gossip in the 18th Century

Gentleman’s Magazine from 1731 to 1750

Quill Pens of the 18th Century

Letter-writing in the 18th Century

History of Housekeeping

Old London Maps

The worst Jobs in History

How to play “Blind Man’s Buff”

Throwing Down the Gauntlet – Duelling (Women did it, too!)

Christmas / Yuletide

Twelfth Night (Christmas)

Writer’s Dreamtools: 18th Century

Correct Form of Address

Duels and Dueling on the Web

Report of a Naval Officer’s Death following a Duel

The Art of Mourning: a Resource for Mourning, Memorial and Sentimental Jewellery, Funeralia and Art.

The History of Washing

Sentimental Jewelry

Silent Companions
Painted servants

18th century porcelain figures

Irish Code Duello (1777)

Twitter Updates, the 18th Century Edition

18th Century Cuisine

Slums, brothels and seedy dives… journey into the dark side of Belfast

Stash of ‘saucy’ literature discovered at historic Lake District house


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