Smiling Fox Forge – 18th Century Reproductions

Replicas of 18th Century Men Shoes

Teresa Thompson – Historical Costume Dolls
Have a look at the naval officers!

Farthingale (Bath) – rent a costume
Rather authentic looking regency clothing and navy uniforms.

The Trafalgar Chess Set

Eclectic Eccentricity – Jewellery

Jas. Townsend
18th century replicas – from clothing to flutes!

Grandpa Gene’s American Folk Toys

All the King’s Men – Toy Soldiers

Grosvenor Antique Prints

Wm. Booth, Draper – 18th century patterns and more. Seamstress’ Paradise!

The Flying Canoe Trader: 18th century clothes and accessories, shoes etc. (E/F)

Track of the Wolf: Muzzle Loading & Blackpowder Breech Loading Guns

Frontline Figures: Colonial Classics – 18th Century

Star Clippers: The new Age of Sail

Reine de Centfeuilles: Historical Costumes

Imperial Costumes

Vintage Textile

Tinkers Tailor

S P Miniatures
Dollhouse Miniatures

Cassini Maps: Home of Historical Mapping

McFarthingbowl’s Re-enactment Supplies

Augusta Auctions – specialty fashion and textile sales

Patterns of Time – Costume and Garb Patterns

Clipper Maritime Antiques (Cornwall)


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