HMS Victory, Official Website (Victory = model for Dauntless)

HMS Victory

And HMS Victory once again…

BBC: 360° View of HMS Victory

HMS Victory Picture Gallery

HMS Trincomalee

Lady Washington (“HMS Interceptor”)

Ships of the Royal Navy

Warship Diagram

BBC Feature: 25 “Mary Rose” Anniversary

List of Frigate Classes

HMS Minotaur (1793)

Sailing Ship Rates

Restauration of the Mary Rose and Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark

The Figurehead Archive by Richard Hunter

Eight Bells Carving – Figureheads (buyable!)

Curious Expeditions – Figureheads

Review by Menegroth of Fighting Ships, 1750-1850, by Sam Willis

The Elizabethan Alderney Wreck

Shipwreck World: 1780 British Warship found in Lake Ontario

Elizabethan Wreck: Maritime ‘Treasure Trove’ raised

Hunting for the lost HMS Beagle

Royal Navy Ships of the Line

Green light for the Mary Rose museum

HMS Victory found (sunk in 1744)

Odyssey Marine Exploration: HMS Victory project overview

Wooden Tall Ships

Royal Navy Ship Rating


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