Collingwood, Cuthbert

Old Cuddy

The Official Collingwood 2010 Website

Biography at the Royal Naval Museum

Further Sources on Collingwood

BBC: Collingwood, the Forgotten Hero

Collingwood Monuments

Documentary: Collingwood, Trafalgar’s Forgotten Hero by Max Adams

Wilfred Collingwood – a most splendid Gentleman and Officer

Cuthbert Collingwood’s Self Portrait

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Collingwood, Nelson, Old Jerv’ and the Dust Bin

Recipe for 18th Century Plum Cake

National Portrait Gallery: Cuthbert Collingwood, Baron Collingwood

Online “grave” of Admiral Collingwood – with incorrect birthdate…

Audio book: “Cuthbert Collingwood – The Northumbrian Who Saved The Nation” by Andrew Griffin


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