Naval History

National Maritime Museum

Royal Navy: Customs and Traditions

Royal Navy, Official Website: History

Royal Naval Museum: Information Sheets

Naval History in the Age of Sail (1650 – 1815)

The Historical Maritime Society

History of the Royal Navy on Wikipedia

The Royal Marines

Naval History of Great Britain by William James

Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua

Dockyard Museum, English Harbour, Antigua

Timeline of the War against France

Women in Nelson’s Navy

Intute: Royal Navy

Pirates of the Caribbean – Facts and Fiction

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

The Port Royal Project

Towns Map of Port Royal in the 17th Century

Cannon History

The Maritime History Virtual Archives

Royal Naval Museum, Library Research

The British Navy Rules: Monitoring and Incompatible Incentives in the Age of Fighting Sail by Douglas W. Allen

BBC: The Art of War

The Admiral Byng Campaign continues

Pirates of the Caribbean in fact and fiction
Everything from pirate codes to organisation aboard a pirate ship and even an interesting section about pirate medicine.

‘On the Spanish Main’ by John Mansfield
Project Gutenberg: book available online for free

Notes from the Orlop
Fantastic blog about all aspects of seafaring life, integrated part of the Maine Maritime Museum website

From Cutlass to AK-47: Britain’s battle against piracy

Memory of Chatham Dockyard


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