Life at Sea

National Maritime Museum: Life at Sea

Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience

BBC: Nelson’s Navy

BBC: Life at Sea

Ship’s Bells and Watch Schedules

Nelson’s Navy

Wake up to Nelson (everything from payment to punishment to pressgangs)

Bolitho-Newsletter (also see novels by Alexander Kent) – various information

Description of a Lieutenant’s Exam by Lt. William Badcock (1805)

The Secret Diary of a Midshipman
Drawings by Captain Frederick Marryat about his life as a midshipman.

The Splitting of Prize Money

Officer’s Accommodations

British Naval Logbooks from the Late Seventeenth Century: New climatic information from old sources by Dennis Wheeler – new

Playing at Command: Midshipmen and Quarterdeck Boys in the Royal Navy, 1793 – 1815
Thesis by Samantha A. Cavell

The Irish Officers of the Royal Navy, 1793 – 1815

HMS Ganges, mast-manning ceremony (full coverage)

Blue Peter: HMS Ganges, mast-manning ceremony / John Noakes climbing Nelson’s column

Sir Joseph Banks’ tattoo

Diary of George Hodge, sailor in Nelson’s navy

Julian Stockwin: Life Aboard (ship’s routine)


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