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This list is currently being overhauled; new links will be added, dead ones removed and you’ll have new categories to choose from. And it will be much easier to navigate. If you’d like to see the “work in progress”, please click here.

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Clothing of the 18th Century

Roccoco – 18th Century Clothing

The Regency Fashion Page

18th Century Fashion Resources

Lara Corset’s and Gowns: Pictorial History of Women’s Fashion

Pretty Fellows – A concerned Citizen blows his Top about Fashion in 1749
(William Gibson’s blog, scroll down the page)

Description of a “Robe à L’Anglaise” at the Met

Hair and Hairdos of the 18th Century

18th Century Fashion Follies


Jerry Bryant and Starboard Mess

Bawdy Sea Shanties by Oscar Brand

Dance History 18th Century

Sea Shanties: rare recordings recovered from the 1920s – new


Homosexuality in 18th Century England

Gay and Lesbian Subcultures in the Old Bailey Proceedings

Gay History: Mollies arrested in London (1726)

Student projects: Gender and Sexuality in the 18th Century

Ye Looke of Love: being queer in the 18th Century

Gay Subcultures in 18th Century Europe

18th Century Anti-Sex Education, England

18th Century Condoms

Review Boys at Sea – Sodomy, Indecency and Courts Martial by Prof. B.R. Burg

French 18th Century dildo – new


The Naval Surgeon

Wombs, Waxes and Wonder Cabinets

Napoleonic Medical Services


Domestic Medicine

Franklin Court: Hygiene and Personal Care

The Smell Report

18th Century London – Life and Hazards

History of Dentistry in the 18th Century

National Museum of Dentistry

Visiting a Dentist in Jane Austen’s Time

History of Toilet Paper

Common Medical Plants of Portland, Jamaica

Childbirth: Parturition Chairs

Morgagni & Mid-18th Century Treatment of the Mad

18th Century Spectacles

History of Alcohol and Drugs

Dissecting Pregnancy in 18th Century England

18th Century Domestic Medicine

Itchy and Scratchy: 18th Century Fleatraps

The  Battle over Birth Control
Various pictures of condoms and other contraceptives all through history. Not quite sure what the 18th century French ivory dildo is doing there, but… well.


Franklin Court: 18th Century Childhood

18th Century Toys

18th Century Children’s Clothing

Wikipedia article on Breeching


Collection of the National Maritime Museum

British Caricatures of the 18th Century

George Morland

The Republic of Pemberley – all things Jane Austen

Art Marine – new

The sketchbooks of Ernest Arthur Binstead – new

Grosvenor Prints – new

Bonhams 1793: Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers
– new

Cupid as a link boy by Sir Joshua Reynolds
– new

The young Amy Lyons (later Emma Hamilton) by Sir Joshua Reynolds
– new


National Maritime Museum: Life at Sea

Hartlepool’s Maritime Experience

BBC: Nelson’s Navy

BBC: Life at Sea

Ship’s Bells and Watch Schedules

Nelson’s Navy

Wake up to Nelson (everything from payment to punishment to pressgangs)

Bolitho-Newsletter (also see novels by Alexander Kent) – various information

Description of a Lieutenant’s Exam by Lt. William Badcock (1805)

The Secret Diary of a Midshipman
Drawings by Captain Frederick Marryat about his life as a midshipman.

The Splitting of Prize Money

Officer’s Accommodations

British Naval Logbooks from the Late Seventeenth Century: New climatic information from old sources by Dennis Wheeler – new

Playing at Command: Midshipmen and Quarterdeck Boys in the Royal Navy, 1793 – 1815 – new
Thesis by Samantha A. Cavell

The Irish Officers of the Royal Navy, 1793 – 1815
– new

HMS Ganges, mast-manning ceremony (full coverage)
– new

Blue Peter: HMS Ganges, mast-manning ceremony / John Noakes climbing Nelson’s column
– new

Sir Joseph Banks’ tattoo
– new


BBC: The Century that made us

Historical Accuracy of Pirates of the Caribbean

The Gillington-Formula: the Timeline of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies

Canada’s Shame, Empires Profit: The Caribbean Slave Wars 1788-1807

The Diary of Samuel Pepys
Daily entries from the 17th century London diary – you can find the LJ feed here


Measuring Worth

Association for Historical Fencing

Regency Colours

Historic Food

Gossip in the 18th Century

Gentleman’s Magazine from 1731 to 1750

Quill Pens of the 18th Century

Letter-writing in the 18th Century

History of Housekeeping

Old London Maps

The worst Jobs in History

How to play “Blind Man’s Buff”

Throwing Down the Gauntlet – Duelling (Women did it, too!)

Christmas / Yuletide

Twelfth Night (Christmas)

Writer’s Dreamtools: 18th Century

Correct Form of Address

The Covent Garden Minuet Company: The Language of the Fan

Duels and Dueling on the Web

Report of a Naval Officer’s Death following a Duel

Women’s Lives Surrounding Late 18th Century Theatre

The Art of Mourning: a Resource for Mourning, Memorial and Sentimental Jewellery, Funeralia and Art.

The History of Washing – new

Sentimental Jewelry – new

Baseball’s British heritage confirmed
– new
It was played in Surrey in 1755…

Silent Companions – new
Painted servants

18th century porcelain figures – new

Irish Code Duello (1777)
– new

The Language of the Fans
– new


National Maritime Museum

Royal Navy: Customs and Traditions

Royal Navy, Official Website: History

Royal Naval Museum: Information Sheets

Naval History in the Age of Sail (1650 – 1815)

The Historical Maritime Society

History of the Royal Navy on Wikipedia

The Royal Marines

Naval History of Great Britain by William James

Nelson’s Dockyard in Antigua

Dockyard Museum, English Harbour, Antigua

Timeline of the War against France

Women in Nelson’s Navy

Intute: Royal Navy

Pirates of the Caribbean – Facts and Fiction

Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

The Port Royal Project

Towns Map of Port Royal in the 17th Century

Cannon History

The Maritime History Virtual Archives

Royal Naval Museum, Library Research

The British Navy Rules: Monitoring and Incompatible Incentives in the Age of Fighting Sail by Douglas W. Allen

BBC: The Art of War

The Admiral Byng Campaign continues

Pirates of the Caribbean in fact and fiction
Everything from pirate codes to organisation aboard a pirate ship and even an interesting section about pirate medicine.

‘On the Spanish Main’ by John Mansfield
Project Gutenberg: book available online for free

Notes from the Orlop
Fantastic blog about all aspects of seafaring life, integrated part of the Maine Maritime Museum website

From Cutlass to AK-47: Britain’s battle against piracy – new


Local Black History in Devon by Lucy MacKeith

Maroon Culture and how it came about by Leanna Prendergast

Jamaican Maroons

Wikipedia Article on the Maroon people (general)

Wikipedia Article on the Jamaica Maroons

Surinam Slave Trade by BibliOdyssey

BBC: The First Black Britons

The Black Presence in Britain: Dido Elizabeth Bell Lindsay

The Black Presence in Britain: African Sea Farers


The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, London 1674 to 1834

The Royal Navy Articles Of War (1749)

The Royal Navy Articles Of War (1757)

LJ: Graham Moore on Punishment for Buggery

Pleading the Belly – Avoiding the Gallows through Pregnancy

Admiral Collingwood’s  Methods of Punishment

Pillory and Stocks – new

Crime Broadsites
– new


Ranks and Uniforms in Nelson’s Navy

Navy Uniforms in Pirates of the Caribbean

National Maritime Museum: Uniforms

Royal Navy Officer Uniform Buttons


HMS Victory, Official Website (Victory = model for Dauntless)

HMS Victory

And HMS Victory once again…

BBC: 360° View of HMS Victory

HMS Victory Picture Gallery

HMS Trincomalee

Lady Washington (“HMS Interceptor”)

Ships of the Royal Navy

Warship Diagram

BBC Feature: 25 “Mary Rose” Anniversary

List of Frigate Classes

HMS Minotaur (1793)

Sailing Ship Rates

Restauration of the Mary Rose and Cutty Sark

Cutty Sark

The Figurehead Archive by Richard Hunter

Eight Bells Carving – Figureheads (buyable!)

Curious Expeditions – Figureheads

Review by Menegroth of Fighting Ships, 1750-1850, by Sam Willis

The Elizabethan Alderney Wreck

Shipwreck World: 1780 British Warship found in Lake Ontario

Elizabethan Wreck: Maritime ‘Treasure Trove’ raised – new

Hunting for the lost HMS Beagle – new

Royal Navy Ships of the Line
– new

Green light for the Mary Rose museum
– new

HMS Victory found (sunk in 1744)
– new

Odyssey Marine Exploration: HMS Victory project overview
– new


French Proverbs (with English Translations) from 1611

Nautical Phrases

Royal Navy Slang Dictionary

Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue by Captain Grose et al. (1811)

Online Etymology Dictionary

Surname meanings

The meaning of “Jack Tar” – new


Cuthbert Collingwood:

Biography at the Royal Naval Museum

Further Sources on Collingwood

BBC: Collingwood, the Forgotten Hero

Collingwood Monuments

Documentary: Collingwood, Trafalgar’s Forgotten Hero by Max Adams

Wilfred Collingwood – a most splendid Gentleman and Officer

Cuthbert Collingwood’s Self Portrait

St. Paul’s Cathedral, Collingwood, Nelson, Old Jerv’ and the Dust Bin

Graham Moore:

Graham Moore on Wikipedia

Frigate Commander – Portrait and Excerpt

Memoir of Admiral Sir Graham Moore G.C.M.G.
by Major-General Sir Robert Gardiner, K.C.B.

Frederick Marryat

Captain Frederick Marryat – Royal Navy Ghostbuster

Marryat’s Midshipman Easy – scans of late 19th century German editionnew

Horatio Nelson:

Nelson and The Royal Navy

Nelson Online Exhibition

BBC: Horatio Nelson

The Nelson Society

About Nelson

Nelson’s Memorial Effigy

Nelson’s Funeral

Nelson as a Midshipman

Nelson, Collingwood: The Battle of Trafalgar on the National Archive

Bringing Nelson’s Body back to England

Nelson in a Jar – a rather strange Memorabilia

Spot where Nelson died is ‘wrong’

Up and close with Nelson – new

Restored naval hero is revealed
– new

Nelson Memorabilia
– new


LJ: Anything AOS

LJ: POTC Universe

The Royal Navy – History Forums

Sailing Navies – Website and Forum

The Society of 18th Century Gentlemen – new

The Official Weblog of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart – new

The Duchess of Devonshire’s Gossip Guide to the 18th Century
– new

The Macaronis – Historical Romance out of the Closet
– new


National Maritime Museum

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm

Age of Reason – Online Magazine

Frazier International History Museum

The Covent Garden Minuet Company

Reconstructing History: Historical clothing, Patterns and Accessoiries

One More Stitch: Reproduction and historic knitting inspired by original garments, objects and patterns from the past.

Maine Maritime Museum

Dressing History – Accurate Reproduction Costumes, Historical Interpretation and Talks – new

Get your MA in Maritime History at the University of Exeter – new

The Gentlemen of Fortune: Golden Age of Piracy
– new

Bow Street Runners: The online game to go with “City of Vice”
– new

Miracle’s Wax Museum: next to Mozart
– new

Salem Maritime National Historic Site: Pickled Fish and Salted Provisions
– new


Smiling Fox Forge – 18th Century Reproductions

Replicas of 18th Century Men Shoes

Teresa Thompson – Historical Costume Dolls
Have a look at the naval officers!

Farthingale (Bath) – rent a costume
Rather authentic looking regency clothing and navy uniforms.

The Trafalgar Chess Set

Eclectic Eccentricity – Jewellery

Jas. Townsend
18th century replicas – from clothing to flutes!

Grandpa Gene’s American Folk Toys

All the King’s Men – Toy Soldiers

Grosvenor Antique Prints

Wm. Booth, Draper – 18th century patterns and more. Seamstress’ Paradise!

The Flying Canoe Trader: 18th century clothes and accessories, shoes etc. (E/F)

Track of the Wolf: Muzzle Loading & Blackpowder Breech Loading Guns

Frontline Figures: Colonial Classics – 18th Century – new

Star Clippers: The new Age of Sail
– new

Reine de Centfeuilles: Historical Costumes
– new

Imperial Costumes
– new

Vintage Textile
– new

AUTHORS (Age Of Sail)


Tom Wareham – Maritime Historian

Nicholas (N.A.M.) Rodger

Adam Nicolson

Roger Knight


The World of Patrick O’Brian

Alexander Kent

C.S. Forester

Julian Stockwin

That’s enough bearded men for one list. Here are the ladies:

Alex Beecroft – Adventure and Romance

Naomi Novik – Temeraire

Emma Collingwood – Love, Suspense and Sarcasm in the Age of Sail

Kalen Hughes – Romance Novelist
Website also contains historial information


For Absolute Beginners:

To learn the naval slang and get more familiar with the time and the life aboard a ship in the 18th century. The Kydd-Series by Julian Stockwin

Then it’s time to move on to

Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin Series (“Master + Commander”)

Other books you might like:

The Horatio-Hornblower Series by C.S. Forester

The Richard Bolitho Series by Alexander Kent

Warmed up? Good! Time for


Shire Books: niche releases covering just about every research object – new

The Royal Navy:

The Wooden World: An Anatomy of the Georgian Navy
(Paperback) by N.A.M. Rodger
Review part I:

The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain: 1649-1815
(Paperback) by N.A.M. Rodger
Review of The Command of the Ocean: A Naval History of Britain: 1649-1815:

Men Of Honour
(Paperback) by Adam Nicolson

Dressed to Kill – British Naval Uniform, Masculinity and Contemporary Fashions 1748-1857
by Amy Miller
Review of Dressed to Kill:

The Pursuit of Victory: The Life and Achievement of Horatio Nelson
(Paperback) by Roger Knight

Captain Cook’s Journal During the First Voyage Round the World (Illustrated Edition)
(Paperback) by James Cook

Mutiny on Board H.M.S. Bounty: The Captain’s Account of the Mutiny and His 3,600 Mile Voyage in an Open Boat
(Paperback) by William Bligh (Author)

Nelson the Admiral
(Hardcover) by Colin White (Author)

Admiral Collingwood: Nelson’s Own Hero
(Hardcover) by Max Adams (Author)

Frigate Commander: Graham Moore
(Hardcover) by Tom Wareham (Author)

Feeding Nelson’s Navy: The True Story of Food at Sea in the Georgian Era
(Paperback) by Janet Macdonald

The Young Sea Officer’s Sheet Anchor
by D. Lever

Admiral Collingwood: A fine old English Gentleman
by William Davis (1875) – online version available for free download
Review of “A fine old English Gentleman”:

Not Enough Room To Swing A Cat: Naval Slang And Its Everyday Usage – new
(Hardback) by Martin Robson
Review of “Not Enough Room To Swing A Cat”:

Animals at Sea
– new
(Hardback) by Liza Verity
Review of”Animals at Sea”:

18th Century General Lifestyle

The Cut of Men’s Clothes: 1600-1900
(Hardcover) by Norah Waugh

The Cut of Women’s Clothes: 1600-1900
(Hardcover) by Norah Waugh

Daily Life in 18th-Century England
by Kirstin Olsen

City of Laughter: Sex and Satire in Eighteenth-century London
(Hardcover) by Vic [V.A.C.] Gatrell

Men’s 17th and 18th Century Costume: Cut and Fashion
(Hardcover) by R.I. Davis / William Alan Landes

Whatever Shall I Wear: A Guide to assembling a Woman’s 18th Century Wardrobe
by Mara Riley, illustrations by Cathy (Kate) Johnson

Hubbub: Filth, Noise and Stench in England, 1660 – 1770
(Paperback) by Emily Cockayne
Review of “Hubbub”:

Napoleon’s Privates: 2500 Years of History unzipped – new
(Hardcover) by Tony Perrottet
Review of “Napoleon’s Privates”:

The Workhouse Cookbook – new
(Paperback) by Peter Higginbotham

Slavery and Colonialism / East India Company:

Mastery, Tyranny, and Desire: Thomas Thistlewood and His Slaves in the Anglo-Jamaican World
(Paperback) by Trevor Burnard (Author)

Journal of a West India Proprietor (Oxford World’s Classics)
(Paperback) by Matthew Lewis (Author)

Sugar and Slaves: Rise of the Planter Class in the English West Indies, 1624-1713
(Paperback) by Gary B. Nash (Foreword), Richard S. Dunn (Author)

Trading Places: The East India Company and Asia 1600-1830
(Paperback) by Anthony Farrington (Author)

Homosexuality in the 18th century:

Mother Clap’s Molly House: The Gay Subculture in England 1700-1830
(Hardcover) by Rictor Norton

Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition: English Sea Rovers in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean
by B.R. Burg

Rum, Sodomy and the Lash: Piracy, Sexuality and Masculine Identity
(Paperback) by Hans Turley

Boys at Sea: Sodomy, Indecency, and Courts Martial in Nelson’s Navy
(Hardcover) by B.R. Burg

If you can’t decide which books to buy or if your budget is as limited as mine (means: skint), here’s my personal “must have” list:

– The Wooden World by N.A.M. Rodger
– Men of Honour by Adam Nicolson
– Admiral Collingwood: Nelson’s own hero by Max Adams
– Frigate Commander (Journals of Graham Moore) by Tom Wareham
– The Pursuit Of Victory by Roger Knight

For the slashers among you, I’d definitely also recommend

– Mother Claps’s Molly House by Rictor Norton

Enjoy your researches! 🙂

Last updated: 2 March, 2009

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Books/Resource: “The Wooden World” by N.A.M. Rodger – Part I Flee market-finds – and they are even naval-related!


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  • 2. Tony  |  25 February, 2008 at 9:36 pm

    What a fantastic set of links!

    There’s a great new forum, not mine but here’s the link: Nelson and His World

  • 3. joyfulmolly  |  25 February, 2008 at 11:19 pm

    Thanks a lot for the link, Tony. I’ll add it on my next update!

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  • 6. macao  |  21 November, 2008 at 1:18 am

    Hi! I wonder if you’ve poked around this site (I didn’t see it listed, but I might have missed it):

    On this site is a pdf of “The mother of all English maritime dictionaries.” Anyone who has read literature of or about the time period would heard it mentioned. I was overjoyed to find it for my research: FALCONER’S MARINE DICTIONARY, 421MB download but well worth it:

    Happy sailing!


  • 7. joyfulmolly  |  21 November, 2008 at 5:49 pm

    @ Macao: Thanks so much for that tip! I’ll definitely include the links in my next update. 🙂

  • 8. mumbaikar  |  26 December, 2008 at 6:12 pm

    HMS Trincomalee, oldest British ship afloat was built at Bombay Dockyards.

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  • 10. Elisabeth Limber  |  5 October, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    Hello, We are featuring a story on shipwrecks in this weekend’s The Wall Street Journal Europe.

    I am looking for an image of the original HMS Victory (a predecessor to Nelson’s vessel), once the world’s mightiest warship, which foundered in a storm in 1744.

    I see a print of “A ship of war” on your website and wonder if it could be the HMS Victory?

    If not, perhaps it would be suitable to illustrate the page anyway? We would be happy to give you full credit on the page or pay a fee if necessary.

    Please contact me the soonest as my deadline is Wednesday.

    Elisabeth Limber

    Art Director
    The Wall Street Journal Europe
    Weekend Section
    5th Floor, 10 Fleet Place
    Limeburner Lane
    EC4M 7QN
    +44 (0)20 7842 9809

    • 11. joyfulmolly  |  5 October, 2009 at 9:40 pm

      Hello Elisabeth

      Do you mean the diagram of a warship? It’s on wiki, and according to their notes, the copyright for it has run out (which it should, considering that it was taken from a book printed in 1728….) Here’s the link:

      HOWEVER: it’s not the Victory. The “Victory” was a 1st rate, the diagram is of a third rate ship.

      Hope this helps! 🙂

  • 12. menchiemedrano  |  12 September, 2010 at 5:17 pm

    How can i used the dog tag of the father of my son..
    im here in philippines..
    the name of the father of my son is Walker,R E (Robert Eugene Walker)
    how can i find him?
    can any one can help me>?
    his father is somewhere in california

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